With the idea and main support of PLATFORMDER, the organizer of Komatek Fairs, SADA Uzmanlık Fairs A.Ş. and APA Publishing, the oldest and most established publishing company of the Turkish construction machinery industry, as a result of the cooperation and organization partnership, the crane, stacking, platform and heavy transport sectors came together! Turkey's first and only crane, heavy transport, platform, stacking and handling machinery, “VIPP 2018 Fair” was held at Via Port Marina in Tuzla, Istanbul, on an area of 7,620 m² between 2 and 5 May 2018.

Experts Platform and Uzman Lift, which had an intense exhibition program in 2018, exhibited their wide product range at the 400 m² joint booth numbered A1-01 at the VIPP exhibition, where 82 domestic and foreign companies exhibited their products and attended by around 3,500 visitors, and they showcased some of their products for the first time through the exhibition!

Experts Platform and Uzman Lift, as a company that offers the most suitable solutions to customer needs and demands in the shortest time, with users and rental companies coming from all over Turkey and abroad, Uzmanlar Platform, VIP 2018 Fair, which always receives intense visits, will be held for the first time. And although there were fewer visitors than expected, the density of Uzmanlar at booth A1-01 did not go unnoticed. In addition to its mass-produced products, Uzmanlar Platform exhibited the 53 m on-board basket platform for the first time at the VIPP Fair. As the doyen of the sector in domestic manufacturing in Turkey, Uzmanlar Platform experienced the excitement and pride of producing the highest quantity in the on-board basket platform.

Having signed a distributorship agreement with ALMAC, an Italian brand, in 2018, Uzman Lift exhibited the ALMAC BIBI 1090 EVO tracked scissor lift platform for the first time at the fairground. Almac BIBI 1090 Evo, known as the monster, was among the most popular products of the fair. Expert Lift's Almac Bibi 1090 Evo crawler scissor lift and Dino 265 RXT Articulated Platform attracted intense interest and demand beyond expectations. This situation was pleasing for Uzman Lift , which chose the company to work with after a long-term research on distributorship, offers the best and most preferred brand products of the sector for sale in the domestic and foreign markets, and serves customer needs at the maximum level of satisfaction.

Having spent the fair process intensively and productively, Uzmanlar Platform and Uzman Lift cut a special cake for their visitors on the last day of the fair and attracted all the attention with the mehter team they brought to the fair. The mehter team, who toured the fairground and exhibited their show, showed all their ingenuity in front of the Expert Platform stand! All fair participants and viewers watched the mehter show with admiration.

A Short Chat with Tursun

“Experts Platform, which was established in 2006, has made a serious contribution to domestic production with nearly 1000 on-board basket platforms that it has produced since its establishment and meets customer needs. is manufacturing. As a brand that is a veteran of the sector in Turkey, Uzmanlar Platform shared with us that they produce according to European standards, so they come to the fore in customer preferences in the domestic market.

Awareness of Occupational Safety and 24-hour service

Underlining that as a domestic manufacturer company, they come to the forefront in after-sales service compared to their competitors, Tursun continued his speech as follows. Tursun; 'We have almost every platform in every crane company in every province of Turkey. We provide transportation to every point of Turkey within 24 hours for the slightest malfunction that may occur in the platforms with on-board baskets , and we perform our service immediately. For our machines, our company provides a two-year warranty. In this process, we have machines that do not need service. But for our machines that do not need service, periodical maintenance checks are a standard and essential requirement. We are trying to instill the importance of periodic maintenance control to our customers. We are trying to destroy the perception of not bringing the machine to the service without malfunctioning, we are trying to raise awareness on this issue. For this reason, we share our sensitivity and suggestion on this issue during the events we hold with our customers. '

Emphasizing in his words that people should be conscious about construction equipment, Tursun continued as follows. “However, this is a very important point. This machine carries life at heights of meters. According to occupational safety standards, after the human extends his hand, on-board platforms or manlifts come into play at heights. The machine that you do not maintain can cause incredible work accidents. In order to minimize work accidents, the periodic maintenance controls of the machines should be followed meticulously and the service should be given with all precision.”

Highest Platform in Domestic Manufacturing, 53 m Exhibited at Vipp Fair!

Stating that the 2018 VIPP Fair was beneficial and positive for the Experts, Tursun said that the 53 m platform they have just launched to the market is a determining factor in participation in the fair. Tursun finally concluded his words as follows; As Platform, we produced the top-of-the-vehicle platform with a height of more than 50 m for the first time on the basis of domestic manufacturers in Turkey. This is very important to us, as the Expert Platform family, we are a well-known, trusted brand loved in this community. We owe this to our principle of quality and trust in our business. Yes, as a domestic manufacturer producing 53 meters, this is a great success for us, but for me, no matter how many meters we produce, the positive feedback we received after passing the end-user test of the machine, which was delivered after passing all the tests, is the main success for us. We are successful to the extent that we satisfy our customers. As a company that adopts customer satisfaction as a principle, we are working for this with all our efforts and we will continue to work. In general, our fair was productive. We have no doubt that we will reap the fruits of our efforts after the fair.

What did Mehmet KARAKAYA say?

Structure of the Expert Lift:

“Uzmanlift Company was established in January 2017 and as an import and export company, we entered the sector with Snorkel branded products. Snorkel is an American and British company that has been in the platform industry since 1959. The product range is a very wide brand. There are platforms in various lengths up to 3 m / 41 m. There are battery powered scissor lifts, diesel scissor lifts, articulated, telescopic platforms, and 4x4 diesel scissor lifts that work inclined. It is the only brand that has proven itself in the sector and that provides a 2-year factory warranty, and stands out in the sector with this aspect. Later, we acquired Dinolift and Smartlift. Finnish Dinolift is a boutique company that has been producing since 1974. Spider stands out with its foot-mounted and trailer platforms. We sold these products in Turkey, and we received very positive feedback regarding the quality and durability of the product. Smartlift is a product of Danish origin. It has products in a segment close to the Platform Sector. They produce what we call the suction cup glass robot. These are very special machines made using high technology, minimizing human error and minimizing the need for human power. Finally, we included our Almac brand, which we exhibited at the VIPP fair, to the Uzman Lift family. Almac is a company of Italian origin and has given a new impetus to the platform industry in the world. This company produces tracked scissor lifts with dynamic balancing feature.

After sales support and customer satisfaction:

“Customer satisfaction is at the forefront for us. Because selling a product is the easiest part of the job, following the important customer needs, demands, requests and complaints, being interested and finding answers to their needs and problems as soon as possible. This situation is directly proportional to the value you give to the customer and the quality understanding of your company. It is very important to be able to intervene in the fastest way when a product malfunctions, and to be accessible when a technical support is needed. Because when customers have a problem with the machine and cannot find a contact person, their point of view towards the brand and that company changes. Taking this into account, we are very meticulous about the service team. When a machine sold by Uzman Lift fails, it is intervened within 48 hours and the problem is solved. We are developing our spare parts stock in order to produce fast, practical and precise solutions to the problems of our customers. We have an experienced and successful service team.

Personnel Training:

“As Expert Lift, we prioritize training. We sent our service team to training at the Snorkel factory. In the upcoming period, comprehensive service training will be held at the factories of the brands that have just joined us. In Turkey, we organized trainings with the technical personnel of Snorkel and Dinolift in order to train the technical team at our customers' own centers. . We value our customers and we are concerned about their education, not just their problems. Because we believe that customer awareness and education is very important in machine use.

VIPP 2018 Fair:

“As Expert Lift, we care about participating in domestic and international fairs, our promotion activities, creating brand loyalty and related advertising activities. As every year, we have a busy fair calendar for 20187. This year, we participated in the Construct Expo Romtherm Ambient Fair in Romania, the TÜYAP Eurasia Glass Fair, and the Buil ASTANA Fair in Kazakhstan, and now we took our place in an area of 400 m² at the VIPP 2018 Fair, which was held for the first time. Many domestic and foreign visitors flocked to our stand. Very different and different faces from the platform industry were here. They had the chance to see our new products. Two of the most interesting products of the fair, our Almac 1090 BIBI and Dino 265RXT models, really attracted great interest and demand. Almac BIBI 1090 Evo is a very special product with a height of 10 m and can balance itself on 20% front and rear slopes. This machine, which is known as a monster, is a special, time-saving, multi-purpose product that provides great convenience in very harsh conditions, muddy environments, construction sites, greenhouse installations, pavements, environments with stairs, narrow spaces, conference halls. Insha'Allah, we will make a different entrance to Turkey with this product. We will attend the Business, Construction Machinery and Equipment Fair to be held in Antalya in September this year. Fairs are indispensable for this business. It creates an environment where new products are demoed and tested and brings the whole industry together. We, as Uzman Lift, attach great importance to this.

After Sales Services
After-sales training, spare parts supply of our customers,
We meet your demands on issues such as platform repair.

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